#1000 Departing Force

departing force

#1000 Departing Force

For the vertical to descend it departs as it returns.

So this is 1000. Thanks for your appreciation, encouragement involvement. So many people have cheered me on. Thank you!


I will continue to post here about the Thousand Sketches as the project continues to transform itself though I will not be adding sketches.

I will continue to blog & sketch on on my old blog: Psyberspace, please subscribe there and stay in touch as I continue to explore the psyche in Cyberspace, with sketches too of course.

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    What a fantastic project – and a great ending. So proud of you! I like that there was so much diversity, experimentation, and reflection. A bold step into a new world. I can’t wait to see where your art goes from here. I suspect some big brushes loaded with paint might be in store. I hope that you celebrate this moment thoroughly!

    Love Josh

  2. WOW . how exciting .so impressed you have actually done it.Some one gave me a book on a 1000 journals.THis whole process which has involved othe rpeople as well

  3. I really love your works, I stumbled across your website when searching on Florence Broadhurst (wasn’t she amazing) Anyhow Love your stuff, will be coming back again, keep it up!

  4. Awh, I missed it! I’ve been missing in cyberaction lately. Belatedly congratulations! Still not really back online yet, so I’ll come back soon to check out your last posts. How are you liking your life now this is over?

  5. Congrats Walter!!!…you did it. You’ve taken a 1000 different pieces of blank canvas and given each of them an individual life and flavor of their own. BRAVO!!

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