#1000 Departing Force

departing force

#1000 Departing Force

For the vertical to descend it departs as it returns.

So this is 1000. Thanks for your appreciation, encouragement involvement. So many people have cheered me on. Thank you!


I will continue to post here about the Thousand Sketches as the project continues to transform itself though I will not be adding sketches.

I will continue to blog & sketch on on my old blog: Psyberspace, please subscribe there and stay in touch as I continue to explore the psyche in Cyberspace, with sketches too of course.



#0996 Return

Fittingly the last of the incantations is (I return) (with strength) So I thought of the first in the series. here is a return to that. It lacked the strength. I keep going.


#0973 Action

This is another in the Incantation series. 11. (I am) (taking action)

I thought of green for go, but it is red for action in my world, as the next one shows. This is the “inverse”.

Original post about this series.

Equal to the Challenge

#0962 Equal to the Challenge

One of the incantations from Eric Maisel’s book, I am equal to the challenge. I had the image of a needle, but finished up with a line. That line is equal to all the black. The next one, like all in this series, is the inverse. Which I arrived at by flipping it over removing the white line and putting in a black line.