New display of Outliers in the Gallery. All 10 from Thousand Sketches


Can’t believe it is Months since I posted here! Thousand Sketches were completed 19 months ago.

Later… Thursday, 30 April 2020 — All Gone

BUT I’ve got an Earth Crosses Gallery

AND, Thursday, 22 July 2021, Found the Outliers.

✔ July 2021

New – Walter Logeman: Gallery – now open

I have done it. The Gallery with five presentations is ready for viewing. It has been great to select images and make some new ones.

Many of the images originated in the Thousand Sketches – but I have sometimes tweaked them. I have also literally used the work here as “sketches” to produce more complete work.

Have a look!


July 2021

that’s not the Gallery that was there.

See ThousandSketches Gallery Category. It’s a work in progress.



#1000 Departing Force

departing force

#1000 Departing Force

For the vertical to descend it departs as it returns.

So this is 1000. Thanks for your appreciation, encouragement involvement. So many people have cheered me on. Thank you!


I will continue to post here about the Thousand Sketches as the project continues to transform itself though I will not be adding sketches.

I will continue to blog & sketch on on my old blog: Psyberspace, please subscribe there and stay in touch as I continue to explore the psyche in Cyberspace, with sketches too of course.