Hagley Park Sunset


#0900 Hagley Park Sunset

I have had this one, or something from this evening walk on my mind for a while. Those trees have more leaves now. I find it hard to keep up, I have more I want to do from New York, even from Sydney in March! However I like to do ones from right now, and now it is blooming with green everywhere. It really is spring, and while I don’t know really what sort of work I do, I know that I want to catch this growth! This shift from the bald trees to the new sprouting fresh green. Maybe a few earth crosses 🙂 And it is #0900, so that is fitting, the end is in sight, but I can’t see it at all.



0890 Hills6

These images arose driving back to Christchurch from Mt. Lyford and being struck by the colour and flow of the hills. The first image took a while but then ad libbed more to do the next one and this one is an elaboration of a bit of the last one.

Landscape. Place. Wolf Kahn’s America : an artist’s travels has plenty of art talk to chew on as well as great pastels.

Here is one idea I like, gives a nice depth to landscapes & may lead to some integration.

These reproductions take me right to the times and places I want to remember. They serve also to document moments that the painter Robert Henri in his book The Art Spirit called “states of higher awareness.” Of these moments, Henri wrote, “The pictures are a witness.” It is dear to me that an artist’s pictures are thus the repositories of much more than what he saw before him. A picture represents more than what the conscious mind grasped – at the time – the so-called subject matter.

Wolf Kahn



#0888 Hills

Have been working with this one for a while, resurrected it. Thinking about pastel. A while back someone said that my landscape pastels reminded them of Wolf Kahn. I managed to find a book by him the other day, and I love his work. One side in the war aspires to be a Wolf Kahn. I don’t think I’ll quit on that aspiration either.

Monday, 18 August, 2008

This image is availalable printed in a limited edition. It is available exclusively on Felt, a New Zealand Art & Craft website.

I have made the image square:


image felt art for sale site

Some of his Kahn’s images (poor snaps) follow.

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Evening Landscape


More sketching using an earlier one.

There is a tension between my work with abstracts and the more sketchbook work. I am obsessed with my explorations of the simple lines of a cross. There is the desire to develop something from my earlier landscapes, desire but not the will. This one is here – because I am sketching… it is a step, who knows if there is another step.


#0827 River
Larger Image.

I suppose this is not unlike the earlier one based on flying along the Alps the other day. Perhaps no worse for my not having a screen to put the pen onto. But I am still returning the pad to Dick Smith, it is not suitable for my task.

I have spent the day on building up this old Dell laptop, it does have a great screen! 15″ 1600 x 1200. I guess that is what has me looking at the Cintiq.

Canterbury Plains from the air

#0801 Canterbury Plains from the air
Larger Image.


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Thursday, February 24, 2011
Rachel.Cawte@ats.co.nzHi Walter,

Depending on your location you may or may not be in a position to answer my enquiry…
I am interested in print #0801 Canterbury Plains from the Air which I discovered on your blog Thousand Sketches and would greatly appreciate information on pricing and size options.
Again, I hope that you are safe and well.
Kind regards,


Dear Rachel,

I am in Christchurch, and we are ok, house is ok. Thanks for asking.

#0801 – That one is available. I’d recommend the A3 plus size 329 x 483 (19 inches wide though the image itself will be less) The image is wider than usual, so would look better on a larger width, even if the height were trimmed in framing.

The price for that is $140, plus postage of $30, packed flat and well protected.

You could pick it up if you dare come into the place and they let you in, I am within the cordoned area, though you could come to my work in Papanui road.

A3 is $110 with $20 postage and A4 is $90 with 10 postage.

You can pay online

Westpac 03 0802 0144073 000

Warm wishes,