Canterbury Plains from the air

#0801 Canterbury Plains from the air
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Thursday, February 24, 2011 Walter,

Depending on your location you may or may not be in a position to answer my enquiry…
I am interested in print #0801 Canterbury Plains from the Air which I discovered on your blog Thousand Sketches and would greatly appreciate information on pricing and size options.
Again, I hope that you are safe and well.
Kind regards,


Dear Rachel,

I am in Christchurch, and we are ok, house is ok. Thanks for asking.

#0801 – That one is available. I’d recommend the A3 plus size 329 x 483 (19 inches wide though the image itself will be less) The image is wider than usual, so would look better on a larger width, even if the height were trimmed in framing.

The price for that is $140, plus postage of $30, packed flat and well protected.

You could pick it up if you dare come into the place and they let you in, I am within the cordoned area, though you could come to my work in Papanui road.

A3 is $110 with $20 postage and A4 is $90 with 10 postage.

You can pay online

Westpac 03 0802 0144073 000

Warm wishes,


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