Mt Pete

#0976 Mt Pete


I am at Vic’s cafe in Christchurch. Pleased to be working on my blog at the end of my sabbatical. I have a few to post up! A few of the ones I am posting, perhaps all of them, are on the theme of Return. I am coming to the end of my project, hence returning to work, to normal, to the familiar. Mt Pete is familiar, we see it from the other side of our house, its moods never the same.


#0944 Bush

This was yesterday, “plein air” as I crawl into the bush next to the house, with the machine on an extension cord. Still mistly The Pen.

Lyttleton Harbour

#0941 Lyttleton Harbour

I have a few earlier sketches of the harbour. Kate & I have been walking in the Port Hills, familiarising ourselves with the terrain for the the “Over the top Ride” which is now in full-swing at Otahuna Riding.

Once I got into the swing of this pen I want ed to try it out in all sorts of ways. What is more subtle here is the gradation offered in ArtRage. I wanted the distance to recede more so added a gradient of haze. What I like about the “stencil” that does this is that the result is not purely mechanical & mathematical, the gradient is still produced by hand, but with a bit of help! A tool!

The edition of this image is available exclusively Felt, a rather wonderful New Zealand Art & craft site:

image felt art for sale site


#0931 Trees

They are not native pines, and they are some sort of imported willow, but in full bloom the colour on the drive along the Inland Road is wonderful.



#0924 Bush

Had to return to the previous one. Seemed there was another step. This was on my mind:

It is not a matter of painting life. It’s a matter of giving life to painting.

Pierre Bonnard