Open to Joy

#0929 Open to Joy
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Incantion, done. I have been putting this one off as it seemed too hard, but doing the in and out breath today, led to this. Not so much joy as being OPEN. Open is ok. Ok if you also know how to say no, or yes for that matter. The next one is its inverse, to flow with the breath.


#0747 Meaning
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I am enjoying creating a second image from the first. Not the negative, but one for the exhale.

I tried making meaning in some way of the first image, but saturating it more, letting it be more than it was, but not altered, turned out to be the most fitting.


I have printed this pair (previous post) on Hahnemuhle Paper in A3 and they look stunning. Image size 212 mm square.


#0746 Meaning
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This and the next are in the incantation series:

1. (I am completely) (stopping)
2. (I expect) (nothing)
3. (I am) (doing my work)
4. (I trust) (my resources)
5. (I feel) (supported)
6. (I embrace) (this moment)
7. (I am free) (of the past)
8. (I make) (my meaning)
9. (I am open) (to joy)
10. (I am equal) (to this challenge)
11. (I am) (taking action)
12. (I return) (with strength)

From Eric Maisel’s book Ten Zen Seconds.

I use these! It works for me. Right now # 3 is (I am) (posting in my blog), and I want to get all the completed sketches up, and even more, today’s insights which are buzzing & will go with the next ten or so images!

The next image is part of the duo.

Expect Nothing

#465 Expect Nothing
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11″ x 8.5″ image on 13″ x 19″ archival mat paper.

A vigorous time with digital lead pencil.


In the comments below Jan asked how it might look in negative. Here it is – with a little sepia thrown in. Better if you ask me. Thanks Jan.