Image 1000 — Departing Force

Thousand Sketches 2006—2007

Walter Logeman

Thousand Sketches is a project I began in the New Zealand spring in 2006 and completed in the spring of 2007. I made 1000 sketches on my Tablet PC and posted them to this blog. I also recorded my learning process about art & artists and my visits to galleries in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.A.

The focus of the work is my everyday experience. Each sketch reveals the next layer of exploration. All the images are sketches, yet some are more like paintings, watercolours or oils.

I printed the many of the images using pigment ink and archival materials. The physical objects and their virtual origins enhance each other.

Towards the end of the project my work clarified. I saw it as one art work, a not a Thousand Sketches but one project, one ‘installation, a process of discovery. There are three aspects: images, website, prints. It is these three elements that can be seen together as one work.

The project is a foundation for my continuing work, recorded in a category of my blog, online journal:

Walter Logeman