#0964 Backup

I have had more time doing PC backup stuff and fixing crap than sketching. I was thinking of the early novels, Richardson, all made up of letters, which became possible because of the speed-up of the postal system. The speedup led to the conception of letters forming a whole. In those epistolatory novels the letters themselves are part of the plot. OK, self reflective stuff. So this is a bit like that. So is the next one.

Equal to the Challenge

#0962 Equal to the Challenge

One of the incantations from Eric Maisel’s book, I am equal to the challenge. I had the image of a needle, but finished up with a line. That line is equal to all the black. The next one, like all in this series, is the inverse. Which I arrived at by flipping it over removing the white line and putting in a black line.

Boot Record

#0953 Boot Record

I have a sick Master Boot Record. It is giving my gyp and I will probably need to do another full re-install of my Tablet. This image seems to capture the messy demon that is at work.

Pear Lemon Apple

#0939 Pear Lemon Apple

Still enjoying this pen!

This image is available printed in a limited edition. It is available exclusively on Felt, a New Zealand Art & Craft website.

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