Contemplating One


#0981 Contemplating One

One thing leads to another. One of the hopes I have as the project comes to a close is that I will have a sense of unity. Yet I shun that too, I want to honour all the inner pulls and to go in all directions. But that war is tiring and brutal at times. One strong direction for me that has emerged and that is promising as a unifier is earth. I do hills and plants and crosses that symbolise the sacred of the here-and-now of earth. That focus has emerged, and I am pleased to notice it, make a new category. During the life of the project I have applied a maxim: Enhance what emerges. So to build on the earth theme I looked at blogs and articles on sacred earth and sketched moments that appealed and found titles inspired by the musings.



#0978 Mood

This one reveals a mood! I did this a few days ago when my PC was attacking me. I thought of calling this one Cariflower the shark plant.

  • Monday, 11 May 2020 — wrong image though!


#0977 Mood

These next two are a return as well, to a batch I did early on, at the time of the “Launch” in November 2006.


#0973 Action

This is another in the Incantation series. 11. (I am) (taking action)

I thought of green for go, but it is red for action in my world, as the next one shows. This is the “inverse”.

Original post about this series.


#0972 Up

Back Up. The disk failures have not been in vane. I now have a backup system par none. I am enjoying the word too… up. Up. Better than a back down.

If you are interested in my backup strategy, read on.

I now have a new HDD (the third!) in my M200. I have divided it into two partitions, one for the OS and programs, the other for data. The reason for this is that partitions are much quicker to backup and restore, and I may need to do that with only one or the other. Also problems might be isolated to one or the other partition.

I use Acronis for those backups, onto a huge 500 gig external drive.

That is not enough though as I discovered. Backups can be corrupt. Backup disks can also fail. So I have a smaller external drive where I copy files, just data, no programs. I take this with me. I use Second Copy 7 to do that copying and it does it every 10 min or so, just adds in the new stuff. I like this plain copy thing as I can see the data there. That used to be my only backup, but it left me quite vulnerable, not just to losing the data or having the whole lot stolen, but to having to reinstall from scratch, I have had to do that twice in the last few weeks, and I have a lot of programs.

And the final protection, as it is not always easy to quickly plug in the leads etc, is a 4 gig USB thumb drive, that uses Second Copy 7 to keep the last two days of work. Long enough for me to get back to the other disks.


But that is not all. There are some key data files, money, organisational stuff, I have Second Copy 7 regularly put up via FTP, onto the website.

Boring but I almost feel as if I can trust the system. I still dread the moment when I boot up, I have had so many hours of nothing happening when I do, and even with all the backup, a disk failure is traumatic for me.


But if you sketch digitally it is like sharpening pencils. We like to go on about the media we use, be it brands of paint, brushes, pencils or paper.

Anyway, I am back up!


#0971 Back

Back from not being able to use my Tablet for a week. Back from working on the exhibition. Back online.

Wayne Thiebaud in his talk (see earlier post) spoke about the way letters as much as the human figure had lines, spaces and form that could be explored.


#0966 Shark

I dreamt a woman artist had collaborated with two older men, one did the background the other some frame setting. The woman was to draw in a shark, or was it carp? This was about 20 years ago and she had never completed the project. The men were now dead and famous, the picture would be worth millions, so I encouraged her to add the fish! It is not too late. She did.