Archon Arachnid

Archons are the baddies, viruses, mind parasites, beasts, devils. They are the ancient enemy of the earth. I am not sure what it all means really, but it made me think of the wonderful metal spider in the DIA N.Y. Beacon. Not sure of the artist or name of this sculpture but will add later.

Later: Wednesday, 2 January, 2008

Louise Bourgeois

4 Replies to “Archon Arachnid”

  1. I’ve seen Louise’s sculpture at the Beacon DIA.
    I wanted to go inside the cage, but of course, the guard wouldn’t let me.
    She’s made several large spider sculptures.

  2. Hi Chewy. It was in a room on its own, and I walked right by it.

    I was struck by what a difference scale and material make to art. A digital sketch is like a butterfly.

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