Presenting the Thousand Sketches – a work in progress

I wrote in the last post that Thousand Sketches was a completed project. Sort of. The 1000 are done. However they are not all printed! Printing is a form of presentation, and…

presentation is the art


I am thinking about the warm-up to a presentation. Naming. Description. I am really thinking art! Creating the aura is art. How to be fully present with these sketches, how to honour them, help them be seen for what they are, no more or less.

I want Henry to come along and make a link! Links are a form of art. Curating is an art. Criticism is art.

I was thinking when I looked at this one

how easy is for one sketch in a 1000 to get lost. But I like it! How to present it?

There is plenty to work on:

    this blog

  • thumbnails don’t work properly
  • selections
  • folios

The categories are fine, but I’d like to do more of what I have done with Earth Crosses, (see Gallery Category) select the best in a series and build on them.

In this moment…

Thousand Sketches is a completed project. 1000 sketches – done.

I am still sketching though, see my current work here In this moment…    

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Here is a the sketch I posted today, there is other new material in In this moment… My Art Journal!

Later … Friday, 1 May 2020

In this Moment is gone… integrated into Psyberspace — maintaining blogs has got expensive — Its down to this one and Psyberspace. A good thing really.

The links are broken but the images are in — Category Art.

Here is the image linked to here originally. It’s one I love, and was used for the NZAP conference. Challenge and Change

✔ July 2021

Circles & syncronicity

I just updated a post I did in October Added an picture I said I’d add of a Frank Stella painting.

Finished up simplifying my image while I was there. Of course the original is still there in the original post, but here is the tweaked one:


This image is available printed in a limited edition. It is available exclusively on Felt, a New Zealand Art & Craft website.

image felt art for sale site


I am reading about calligraphy in Herbert Read’s “A Concise history of Modern Painting”. (here is the bit) Calligraphy is (perhaps, I’d say as I don’t really trust any theory) at the root of Abstract Expressionism. What an insight! probably not for people with a formal ed in art, but it is for me. Why that is such a blast is that I am working away at getting the verticals right in my new crosses, and contemplating that line. I feel like some Zen calligrapher meditating on the strokes! It is a meditation. I delete 100’s and suddenly one will be right.

And the idea grabbed me because it is a strong theme that emerged in the Thousand Sketches. I wanted to get those lines right, that flow. I am quite pleased with how it went, there were a lot of doodles and slowly they were more in my handwriting as it were. This is one of my favourites. And the Abstract Expressionist ones that I blew up, my friend Charles called “calligraphy of God” I was most flattered.

In Read’s book there is a particular image that stood out because it reminded me of one I did. It is Drawing by Henri Michaux. (See image below, and also my image.) He is part of a few early painters that were influenced by the East & calligraphy. I’ll write more about them and where I am goin g with it all now on my other blog, this is the Thousand Sketches related part of the story.

Here is Michaux:


Here is mine, it is nothing like Michaux’s drawing in content, but it recalled my image none the less.

#0442 Private Language


Here is another by Michaux I found:


Archon Arachnid

Archons are the baddies, viruses, mind parasites, beasts, devils. They are the ancient enemy of the earth. I am not sure what it all means really, but it made me think of the wonderful metal spider in the DIA N.Y. Beacon. Not sure of the artist or name of this sculpture but will add later.

Later: Wednesday, 2 January, 2008

Louise Bourgeois


#0972 Up

Back Up. The disk failures have not been in vane. I now have a backup system par none. I am enjoying the word too… up. Up. Better than a back down.

If you are interested in my backup strategy, read on.

I now have a new HDD (the third!) in my M200. I have divided it into two partitions, one for the OS and programs, the other for data. The reason for this is that partitions are much quicker to backup and restore, and I may need to do that with only one or the other. Also problems might be isolated to one or the other partition.

I use Acronis for those backups, onto a huge 500 gig external drive.

That is not enough though as I discovered. Backups can be corrupt. Backup disks can also fail. So I have a smaller external drive where I copy files, just data, no programs. I take this with me. I use Second Copy 7 to do that copying and it does it every 10 min or so, just adds in the new stuff. I like this plain copy thing as I can see the data there. That used to be my only backup, but it left me quite vulnerable, not just to losing the data or having the whole lot stolen, but to having to reinstall from scratch, I have had to do that twice in the last few weeks, and I have a lot of programs.

And the final protection, as it is not always easy to quickly plug in the leads etc, is a 4 gig USB thumb drive, that uses Second Copy 7 to keep the last two days of work. Long enough for me to get back to the other disks.


But that is not all. There are some key data files, money, organisational stuff, I have Second Copy 7 regularly put up via FTP, onto the website.

Boring but I almost feel as if I can trust the system. I still dread the moment when I boot up, I have had so many hours of nothing happening when I do, and even with all the backup, a disk failure is traumatic for me.


But if you sketch digitally it is like sharpening pencils. We like to go on about the media we use, be it brands of paint, brushes, pencils or paper.

Anyway, I am back up!

Not an egg

#0960 Lemon

I listened to a wonderful talk by Wayne Theibaud (thanks Josh for the link to the podcast.)** He is a joy to listen to, and I would love to be a student. For a moment I was. How to learn to paint? Draw an egg. No eggs in the fridge, I did a lemon.

** if that link expires I will put a copy on my server.

Lee Krasner

I am attracted to Lee Krasner’s work. I think it is her struggle, and how she is in Pollock’s shadow. True, any drip painting by Pollock shines, but behind that light I see the Krasner shadow. Her statements about art are ok too. I have an earlier sketch of her from a self portrait, this one is from a photo in the Hobbs book.

More art talk & images follow.

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