Sun Cross 3


#0917 Sun Cross 3

The place my cafe doodles come from is quite different to my explorations like the crosses.

Reflections on this follow.

I recall thinking I’d like to do a moleskine “sketchblog”. I do that here as part of Thousand Sketches. These crosses, and the Gray Slab are different. I go to a different place, they are stops on a different journey. They are sketches for paintings.

I don’t think I should exhibit the two styles in the one place.

I was looking again at two of them – they come from a place where I know war, and grief. (I’ll post them below.) I don’t know exactly what they bring till later. They are meditations, they come from within. I usually do the horizontal and then add the vertical stroke, often stroke, delete, stroke, delete, till one is “right”. The vertical to me is very different from the horizontal. Josh once said, “Depth is only width on its side.” Not really, because we are vertical animals, and we look up for some things, and down for others. The vertical alludes to the infinite in either direction. When that line goes in it is like claiming a place, solidly.

Later: This one and the two that follow are featured in the Gallery

Larger Image.

Larger Image.

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