Earth Cross


0875 Earth Cross

While it is satisfying to pursue this theme, I am conflicted. It is hard to be simple, its so minimalist.

There is a relationship in crosses. A cross is nothing if not a relationship. Relationships are not that simple.

There is the battle.

Some reflections quotes from artists follow.


Julian Dashper.

I saw the exhibition in the Christchurch Art Gallery recently. All new to me. I found it funny! To see the drum kit in front of the series of Hotrere circles with the name on it: The Hoteries, as if it were the Beatles… and then the same for all the other great New Zealand artists was a hoot! His work with circles and the very simple ones he does especially are of interest as I pursue these crosses.

I notice that circles recur often in your work, not only with your-
records but also in your repeated use of drumheads and the (0)
paintings. ‘What is the significance of circles for you?

I first started working with circles circa (smile out loud) 1992.
Another older artist had suggested to me that a circle was really the
hardest shape to work with as it totally dictated itself. It’s
difficult to paint a budgie inside a circle and for it
still to look good, I guess. I just immediately thought, `Gosh a
painting that makes itself’, and rushed out and bought a compass.
Circles also echo ideas in nature for me, and you can’t get more
perfect than that (nature, I mean). Actually, the thing is, Peter,
every artist has to start somewhere and I figure a circle is as good a
place as a railway station.

b.150 Bulletin of the Christchurch Art Gallery

To the Unknown New Zealander

Peter Vangioni talks to Julian Dashper

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