Layer Tunnel Pattern

#0835 Layer Tunnel Pattern
Larger Image.

In a lot of art it is integral that one can see the process, in the strokes, or even in the glimpse of the studio. The tools are showing here!


Still don’t have my Tablet back. Do have a new disk from the crashed HDD, has a lot of good stuff rescued, but not the missing 10 days sketches. Yet. Back to the HDD Dr. tomorrow.


Far from feeling curtailed today, I am stimulated by the process of the technological and human failures (failed to backup those missing days – I was moving around too much to reconnect the external drive, so Second Copy would simply say “Drive not found” and go back to sleep.)

One good thing was a synchronicity while surfing. I found some digital art I liked. There is so much, and so much of that leaves me neutral.

Somehow they also got me sketching, thinking.

Here are 2 images I saw & liked.



These are by Michael Murach. He is a paraplegic and is doing these by mouth, see my earlier post & you will see the synchronicity. So that was inspiring in many ways.

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