#0796 Break
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I explore lines quite a bit. And circles and crosses, more coming up. A line is a lot. It makes a break between this & that. Boundaries. Gaps, barriers. I like lines. I am safe with a good line. The Thousand Sketches is a line and a circle, it is a boundary around this project, makes me work hard, but I know it will stop.

Lines, I have fiddled with this one, made it gray, this felt very blue. And widened the gap! Will post results later.


I just read an interview in The Christchurch art gallery Bulleting 150 Julian Dashper whose exhibition in Christchurch I saw. Here he talks about circles:

  • l notice that circles recur often in your work, not only with your records but also in your repeated use of drum sets and the (0) paintings. What is the significance of circles for you?
  • I first started working with circles circa (smile out loud) 1992. Another older artist had suggested to me that a circle was really the hardest shape to work with as it totally dictated itself. It’s difficult to paint a budgie inside a circle and for it still to look good, I guess. I just immediately thought,‘Gosh a painting that makes itself’, and rushed our and bought a compass. Circles also echo ideas in nature For me, and you can’t get more perfect than that (nature, I mean). Actually, the thing is, Peter, every artist has to start somewhere and I figure a circle is as good a place as a railway station.

    Mark Rothko

    #0794 Mark Rothko 1
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    One of the highlights of my gallery experiences was to see a Rothko in the San Francisco MoMA. He does something, one thing, fully. He was moved by his own work and wanted others to feel moved. He doed that. Seeing art live is different from seeing prints. or images on the screen. There is a lot of movement in the colour.

    More about Rothko, his work, and more about my sketch follows:

    Continue reading “Mark Rothko”

    Trees III

    #0792 Trees III
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    I am involved in a discussion about digital art. There is a big variety of stuff that could be lumped under that name.

    The trees are done using real media emulation (RME) (Has any one ever used that acronym?). There are some media that are flat on the surface, pencil, ink, dye and so on. There are some that have depth, like oil. In my opinion the flat stuff emulates well. The fake depth is kitch. I use it all the time!

    But what I rarely do is filter images to produce effects. Just as part of the conversation I did that with this tree. I will keep avoiding it I think.

    What I don’t avoid is to use the digital media to the full for getting the colours I want and to do other post production work. I also like the “negative” work in the Incantations.

    But this computery flare?

    What do you think?

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    #0791 Trees
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    They are not purely imaginal trees, I have been noticing the stark outline of the trees against the bright spring sky. That looking has come through but almost un-noticed, it just doodles out.