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One of the highlights of my gallery experiences was to see a Rothko in the San Francisco MoMA. He does something, one thing, fully. He was moved by his own work and wanted others to feel moved. He doed that. Seeing art live is different from seeing prints. or images on the screen. There is a lot of movement in the colour.

More about Rothko, his work, and more about my sketch follows:


The very painting I saw was used by Time magazine. There are very few other paintings that could do that job. (The image above is much darker than the painting I saw, the screen does not work for this!

(Even my sketches, though born digital look better as objects, that is why I am obsessed about making stuff right now, using the files, but creating something with them.)


As George said, “Simplicity is the advanced course.” (I don’t know if George was quoting someone, probably not, google with that the line takes you straight to my blog.)



Watched the TV program, the Power of Art. (NYT Review) (Book 0563487100) Only saw the Rothko episode. Rothko was mostly portrayed by an actor, but my image above is from one of the shots of the man himself. The post in the next sketch originated with the actor.

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