Kee Krasner, art talk.

First a sketch, then some art talk.

#0696 Lee Krasner
Larger Image.

This is from a self portrait. She looks young. I like Lee Krasner. She is of course well known and associated with Pollock, and I have a sense that they were together able to become as creative as they were. Relationships count. Unfortunately she is not as easy to spot around as Pollock. I hope I have bought out her strength in this sketch. I loved what I saw of her work at MoMA though. I have some shots I can add later.

I splashed out & bought a beautiful catalogue of a recent exhibition of her later work. I think it is about the best thing I bought on this trip. Found it in a secondhand book shop in Brooklyn.

More talk & Images follow.

Unlike her male colleagues, who viewed painting as a primal expression of the self, Krasner saw her art as an open ended exploration.

From Lee Krasner by Robert Hobbs.

I am curious about this & want to read more. I think the expressionists were influenced by Jungian stuff, but just perhaps too by Moreno.

Robert Hobbs in quoting this might not be seeing that this is one and the same thing if we see the psyche and the self as “nature”, as what Jung might call the “objective psyche” and Moreno the “sociometric matrix”.

I like what she does and says.


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Hollis Taggart Gallery

Robert Miller Gallery

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