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  1. I am currently stydying for my GCSE art and i have chossen this picture to right about for my exam work, However i am finding it difficult to find much out about this painting, such as; when it was painted? was a single peice or if it came from a collection of paitings? what was the actuall size of the painting? and where the orriginal is now?
    I was wondering if you would be able to help me with these questions and anything else you would be able to tell me about the painting. So far i have found this picture (and other david Hockney work) very inspiring for my own work.
    I would really appricate any help that you could give me and will look forward to a reply.

  2. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for your interest.

    Medium: it is a digital image I made on a Tablet PC, an M200 using a variety of software, mainly ArtRage 2 and Corel Painter X.

    It was made a week or two before I posted it, initially I did not like it, but it grew on me.

    There is no original, entirely made on the computer. It is available in a Limited Edition print.

    Why did I choose the subject matter?

    I had set myself the task to sketch everyday, and I sketched what I was interested in. At that time I was looking at a lot of Hockney, and several videos. This one was made after watching a video.

  3. thank you for your help. 😀
    its very intersting and useful, but i was just wondering do you still draw? or have you given up now you have compleated the project?

  4. hey walter xD you got some amazing sketches in here… i was wondering for this perticular piece whether there was a meaning to this sketch, it looks like he was sitting by a car window when u were painting… can u get back to me ASAP? i need some information about it for my GCSE coursework.

  5. Hi Joel

    Thanks for your comment.

    Most of the info about this sketch is already in the comments above.

    I used a photo from a video to make the sketch. I like that sense of building on someone else’s art (ie the video) and then getting a picture on my tv years later, and then taking photos from that, and using those as a reference to sketch a digital image on my Tablet PC, and then printing it in really high quality pigment inks.


    I am more focused on process than meaning. Also I am inspired by the artists I make portraits of, you will see more artist portraits in these 1000 sketches is you look in the portrait category https://www.thousandsketches.com/blog/?cat=9

    You can read meaning into it if you like.

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