Update, Matthew Collings – artist, critic, presenter, links to interview, more about art talk.

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I update older posts from time to time, Just added more info about one of my podcasts.

I listened to a Kim Hill interview with Matthew Collings I strongly recommend it, you can download it from the link. Kim gets a good conversation going. Main theme: is great art possible today?, especially in painting. Or is it at best a clever satirical footnote. He seem to think it is the latter. He respects highly another critic: Clement Greenberg who was originally quite radical and anti-capitalist, then, according to Collings saw the problems with society as “deeper”.

Now that is an interesting idea. If it is not capitalism but deeper, and I think it is, how can we hold that and not dissolve into despair, even clever despair is not much use. Perhaps despair is a layer to go beyond & not around. Going around it is usually just boring, sentimental, pollyanna, feel good. Hope is not what is required either.

I am motivated to read those essays by Greenberg (see link above). While on the topic of criticism and art talk, Robert Hughes comes up and he has some interesting comment about the differences he has with Hughes.

Interview with Collings, 3.am

Salon interview with Collings.

An anti Collings comment – makes sense too.

Mathew Collings & wife Emma Biggs Collaborative art.

Article on Hughes, Guardian

A Collings/Biggs art work follows

By Mathew Collings & Emma Biggs


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  1. I am incandescent with rage and frustration. I am trying to watch “What is Beauty” but despite being keen to see it, have given up the ghost due to the terrible background noise which is distracting and offensive. The Radiophonic claptrap is inappropriate and horrible. With wonderful visuals and an interesting talk by Matthew Collings, there is no need for such a constant aural barrage. Why won’t directors realize how many viewers they lose because this noise has become a cliche in every type of programme?
    A very disappointed professional musician and art lover.

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