Playing Pollock 1

#306 Playing Pollock 1
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This and the next few were done using a really funny flash animated tool on the web: Here Have a go! I confess, in the past, having some disdain for splashing paint as Pollock did. That changed in two steps. One was seeing an original in the Dunedin art gallery about 5 years go. It was quite a small painting and the texture was created with small splashes. The painting was subtle and finely executed, notions I would not have associated with Pollock through my media fed ignorance. The second thing was the Ed Harris movie. Maybe he was more unlikeable in real life, and his wife may be more instrumental in the development of the form than portrayed, but the one thing I love & it is shown well in the movie, was the way he danced his paintings into life, he moved with grace, Ed Harris took years to learn that for the film.

So, here are a few playfully splashed, using the Flash toy. Thanks to whoever made the software.



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