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  1. Thanks Rhonda & Janey.

    When you call it ‘lavender’ I found that unsettling. You are right no doubt, but I grew up with these trees, and they have never seemed lavender to me. They have that ghostly Australian bush shade, and if that comes through in my picture – that’s great.

    Then I got thinking what an iconic and somewhat thrashed a subject gum trees are for Australians (I am Australian even after 40 years in New Zealand).

    I grew up with pictures (prints in class rooms etc.) by Albert Namatjira, and loved them.

    In New Zealand I seem to want to do flax, also a sort of national icon. I love walking in the bush, climbing mountains, & I realise that these images are symbolic for a connection with the land, not just any land but the land I grew up in.

    I will keep going with these. There is another gumtree inspired one here.

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