Stella Saddle

#175 Stella Saddle

Mostly sketched with the pen set to oil. Learning how to do sky. It worked here by having just the right amount of virtual turps in the mix. 100 makes for light and 95 is already quite dark!

This is the view from the stumps up to the saddle where the ski field road goes up to Lake Stella. This view is one that people see when they go on the “Stumps” Horse Trek.

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  1. I like this one, I had to look closer, then I saw you said, “pen set to oil” So I wonder, what sort of pen, I want one! I am all set to ask you what kind and then I look at some of your sketches, see your little video and there is the answer. I like your idea of a thousand sketches, I am doing the painting a day, but I have given myself no limit, I am just seeing where it all leads. Lori

  2. “Pen set to oil” funny really. I can set it to “pallet knife” too did that in my earlier exploring in the “mood” paintings -#59 “Blacker” Here

    I mention this of course because I like your knife work!!

  3. Yes that will be a test for me if I make a transition to the real. Will it be anything like the virtual. In the case of pencil – where I am more familiar with both it is remarkably similar.

  4. Hi, I like your work. Especially O-Ren-Ishii. Sometimes it’s hard to see the artist’s hand in digital art but I can see it here. And I linked to you too.

  5. Interesting that you say that. It has been the focus of a long talk I had today. 1000 sketches I realised is in part to find my hand… “signature interruptus” I called it. My hand never really developed though it had promise in adolescence… now decades later I am trying to find it … of course trying won’t work… it just has to arrive I think.

    You have a very distinctive hand… did do this all your life – have you experimented with different styles?

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