Blue Candle

#0161 Blue Candle

Blue candle in the bathroom. I watched this candle while relaxing in the bath, saw the light on the dark & had it sketched in my mind before I drew it.

I used the “pastels” button a lot and they work on the “black paper” background.

Now I want to do more candles and somehow clinch the deal, so that I can do them at will.

2 Replies to “Blue Candle”

  1. If I’m not mistaken, I think that is the very blue candle I bought before I left, since the former bathroom candle was in a sad state!!! Delighted to see it is being used AND causing creative inspiration.

  2. One more thing: I noticed that this one is filed under “still life” which I think brings up an interesting question. Is a picture that includes a flame really a “still life?” It is sometimes noted that fire has all the typical qualifications for being alive; it eats, breathes, moves, grows, reacts to its surroundings, creates both waste products and more of itself . . . More of a philosophical musing than a biological debate, of course, but interesting nonetheless.

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