Not an egg

#0960 Lemon

I listened to a wonderful talk by Wayne Theibaud (thanks Josh for the link to the podcast.)** He is a joy to listen to, and I would love to be a student. For a moment I was. How to learn to paint? Draw an egg. No eggs in the fridge, I did a lemon.

** if that link expires I will put a copy on my server.



#0893 Mug2

I am enjoying not worrying too much about these, and also playing with layers and pen options. Learning.



#0891 Cup

Found this one – rejected in an old folder, but it got me wanting to do more, so here it is. It has led to something.

Black Egg

#0841 Black Egg
Larger Image.

I can see why still life painters collect objects to paint. I might even do it! I don’t have many knick-knacks. Should I do more of my mouse? This egg is solid stone & jet black, and reflects the purest white. I have done it before, and will do it again.