In the chatting about this project as it was born it was suggested I sell the links for a year, and then get a renewal. Immediately I thought, no, Forever! And that is the tag line promoting the links.


All that we write in cyberspace is there forever. This project in particular has a forever flavour – paradoxically – because it will end! And then sit there like a … er, monument to… who knows what.

The quest for permanence in the prints, I have sought out the best I can find and they should last 100 years. “Longer than they will last in digital form”, I was told by the salesperson at Photo & Video. “Not if it is in the cloud.” I replied.

And I can’t help hearing that word, forever, as spoken in the Miranda July movie “You and me and everyone we know”, where incidentally I think it also has a reference to that persistence quality in cyberspace.

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  1. Of course there are no ads at all on the site. An idea I am pleased did not come to fuition. The forever idea still appeals. Forever in the cloud with a relationship to the earth.

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