Craft, wood cuts, Walter J. Phillips

Not my sketches

The Technique of the Color Wood-cut Walter J. Phillips – An amazing “How-To” – funily enough it seems that even though I “paint” and so on and use that crappy little pen on the M200, I feel close to this print tradition, with its attention to craft. There is a craft in using the PC too! This doc from 1926 is a gem.

Get a carpenter to show you how to hold the wood-carving tools; a diagram will not help you much, though I have provided one.


Here is an example of his work:

These are from Sharecom who are a software company but who seem to host quite a bit of art! Including Walter J. Philips They ask:

Please visit this site often. It is a work-in-progress by author Roger H. Boulet, and is broadcast courtesy of David Duffin, Phillips’ grandson. Over time, you will see it evolve and grow with both images and information about a wonderful Canadian artist.

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