Finding the Wind

#494 Wind
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11″ x 8.5″ image on 13″ x 19″ archival matte paper.

The mast is masculine the sail is feminine, and the wind is the spirit of creativity, that is not filling the sail. In the lull, maybe because I had no sail? I have not been satisfied with my sketches, I must say that a lot. Damn. However I got going again and did a lot. with the notion that everything was an exploration. Exploring is always OK. Nothing is wasted. (but still a lot were deleted!)


#484 Wine
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11″ x 8.5″ image on 13″ x 19″ archival matte paper.

I am trying to learn to “paint” in Painter, but it is hard! I don’t really like the interface & its complexity. ArtRage has that licked! But the functionality is in Painter if you can find it! After trying paint brushes for a while in this sketch I went back to pastel & ink, that seems to be ok. But I am studying the manual, and have the Painter magazine coming each month. Tutorials. I’ll get there.

And I have added this to the SketchBlog category, I drank that wine! And the reflection is my notebook.


#482 Beehive
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11″ x 8.5″ image on 13″ x 19″ archival mat paper.

It loomed like a space ship over me in the dusk. This is in the middle of a city, but the trees and the building filled the scene. This is the government head office in Wellington known as the Beehive.

Bunker 1

#467 Bunker 1
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Kate & I have been on some great walks in the Port Hills of Christchurch lately. Above Lyttelton are some old concrete structures, I’ll call them bunkers. The were part of the defences against the Japanese who almost invaded New Zealand in WWII. They are quite beautiful sitting there on the hillside. The remind me of Lois Khan buildings (though I have only seen pix) – and I want to draw more of these buildings with minimalist strong lines. Basic stuff. One Khan image done a while back – Salk Interior.

The sketches are from the photos I took, and here are some more pix, to contextualise the sketches.

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#0450 Circle
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This one is the last of the dozen “unnamed” ones, and I just named it, it is unnamed no longer. After doing these circles I went back and deleted some of the layers, and I prefer the minimalism than the tones in the previous one. What do you think?

Have I posted the “emerge and enhance” post… don’t think so, will do so. That is what is happening here I doodle & let something emerge & then enhance it. I think of it as nature & human collaboration.

It is not just that this doodle was enhanced (on this occasion by deletion!), something in me that is more than 5 decades old that is being noticed & enhanced. See “Montessori

Circle: wholeness, unity, eternity, world, earth, globe, fullness, emptiness, connected, crucible, completion …


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This circle is featured in the June 2008 Walter Logeman: Gallery

Dream: Calm Death

#0435 Dream: Calm Death
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I dreamt a leader had died. Not tragically, but in the right sort of way. Perhaps he was an artist or a Psychodrama director. There was a ceremony with many who were intimately connected. In the dream I was given a clear image to sketch of the man who died, and this reproduces it fairly well.

Pastel Figures

#434 Pastel Figures
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Pastel because I clicked on the pastels. Colour black. You can see the way pastel shows up on different “paper”, yes bits are on different paper, virtually possible.

I think the influence here is listening to Bob Dylan’s Theme Hour XMRario show.

It is the last sentence that qualifies this as a sketchblog post.


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Pelican in Flight


#0427 Pelican in Flight

The abstract emergence is interrupted by a sketchblog item. This is from the time in Australia, by the beach in Narrabeen travelling with Josh & Amy. More from that time coming up. A journal and a blog about our trip, frustratingly delayed. And even as I write there are sketches of the mountain brewing. Mt. Lyford is glowing outside as I write I I want to capture those moods.

I have added the Sketchblog Category, and will update the whole blog retrospectively. There, done, I now have a sketchblog for 2006-7 year of the sketch. What qualifies posts for this category? They reflect my life as I sketch it, outer life & inner life. Hmmm, they all do that… perhaps it is to do with my purpose, these are a journal of travels, even in my own circles.


Lantana – sketchblogging, inner stirrings, paint & inspiration

#416 Lantana
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I think that is what is is called, it is among these that the body is found in the movie Lantana (Great Movie)

This is the last one from the Sydney trip in this batch, we now move on to horses a week later in New Zealand – that is the trouble with mt journalling here – I can’t just post up as I go, just too busy. So the journal is all out of chronological order.

Never mind. Even if the chronology is messy there is are journeys running through this year of the sketch:

  • Lots in New Zealand & Christchurch
  • Some trips to Wellington
  • Christmas I did a real sketch trip to Aoraki – Mt. Cook, this was a good warmup to more travel sketching
  • Then Napier, but just did not manage to sketch much at all – too much NZAP Conference work.
  • Australia for a week, late March 2007, beaches, bush, cityscapes, flowers & wildlife – more to catch up on.


The sketchblogging is important to me, I like it & will keep going with it post TS.

The recent line & wash suits that – a sort of sketchbook style.

It will stand me in good stead as I go to San Francisco and New York in July, August.


I feel something new coming up though. More focus on something within combined with more explorations of paint, digital paint.

What follows are a few samples of the sort of painting by others I am enjoying . Inspiration – other people’s work follows:

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