#0450 Circle
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This one is the last of the dozen “unnamed” ones, and I just named it, it is unnamed no longer. After doing these circles I went back and deleted some of the layers, and I prefer the minimalism than the tones in the previous one. What do you think?

Have I posted the “emerge and enhance” post… don’t think so, will do so. That is what is happening here I doodle & let something emerge & then enhance it. I think of it as nature & human collaboration.

It is not just that this doodle was enhanced (on this occasion by deletion!), something in me that is more than 5 decades old that is being noticed & enhanced. See “Montessori

Circle: wholeness, unity, eternity, world, earth, globe, fullness, emptiness, connected, crucible, completion …


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This circle is featured in the June 2008 Walter Logeman: Gallery

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