Maurice Bucke

#0989 Maurice Bucke

Maurice Bucke was the psychologist who came up with the words cosmic consciousness. Ok, corny now, but it paved the way I think for things to come.


His connection with an equally bearded Walt Whitman is in the movie Beautiful Dreamers but probably not worth watching!

It is easy to go too flowery and too cosmic for our taste. Keep it simple.

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  1. You push your tools; the computer, the programs and the drawing tablet, farther than anyone else I’ve seen working digitally. This one resembles a woodcut. The whites cutting into the black. He appears reflective in thought with a feeling of spontaneity surrounding him.

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words!

    That is one thing about working digitally, it is so easy to be drawn into a wide range of styles! If I were to do woodcuts or etchings there is such a learning, tool buying, studio finding hump!

    I like to illustrate people who inspire me one way or another, I feel more connected with them. I know little about this man, but the words “cosmic consciousness” still do it for me.

    Just days ago I was thinking: All science is introspection.

  3. Love your work. Also wanted to say that the movie “Beautiful Dreamers” is well worth a watch – it’s quite brilliant.

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