Wok – a few sketches – and some Computer problems.

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#0817 Wok
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Everyday objects are on my mind, and I did this wok recently. I’m in the mood for doing more everyday sketches, however my hard disk crashed and the computer is in for repair. I tried a small pad plugged into my old Dell, but I can’t do this on one of those pads. It worked fine, and even the cheap generic pad was pressure sensitive, but it just did not feel right. What I would like is one of these!

The first of these woks looked like it had a lid, I wanted to find a way of showing its hollowness. I think it happens more as I persevere, and it is through looking!

The rest follow:

#0818 Wok2
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#0819 Wok3
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#0820 Wok4
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