Half Way to 1000 Celebration

You are invited!


HALF WAY to 1000 Celebration

5.30 to 7.30

Thursday 19 July

Savoy Brown Café 143 High Street.

Come and have a look at the work in progress.

Wine & Cheese provided

Food, Soft Drinks and Coffee can be
Purchased from the Café Counter.


I will be off to the States soon and before I go there is a small celebration for friends & interested people. An opportunity to see how the sketching has been going since the Launch last year. I hope you can make it, I am
looking forward to a cozy, warm, interesting couple of hours. I look forward to your company.

I am printing many of the later sketches for the occasion, and there will be a new format to view! I won’t say more just yet.

Thanks to Sara for getting me to do this and for organising it! Thanks to Kate (from Savoy Brown) for the use of the café!

3 Replies to “Half Way to 1000 Celebration”

  1. Congrats on the half way mark!!…..wish I could make it, I’ve always wanted to check out New Zealand. Sorry I haven’t taken the time to respond on your question about digital paitning….I use lots of layers, and I break my painting down into 4 or 5 main shapes and make quick selections of those shapes using the selection too (fast and loose) and then paint inside those selections, after I have all of my selections painted and the values how I want them to be I usually flatten my image and then do some of the final detail work over the top…..hope that helps…in a nutshell.

  2. Thank Jo & Jared. That info is really helpful. I will experiment with it a bit. I use Corel Painter X, but I think the principles are much as in Photoshop.

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