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Neil Dawson’s sculpture in the Christchurch square. Had an idea that as I have the Sydney icons and the Wellington one, what about Christchurch? But it is not in that class for me. Not that I don’t like it. I look out my bathroom and there is a mature lancewood, and it creates a silhouette just like sections of the Chalice. It is also somewhat balanced with the tower of the Cathedral, and you’d think that being a person who descends in to alchemical depths that a chalice would suit me more than a spire. But not really in this place.

I’d like to see the square grey and flat with just the cathedral. I’d force the banks to have only human friendly shops facing the square – high incentives for foot traffic friendly places, big tax sticks for glass walls & anything that does not generate foot traffic. More cafes, pubs, galleries, tee shirt shops (we have those already).

So the chalice to me is an art display, not an iconic feature, and so it needs to find a better home. A square is not a gallery, though some works might go in a square, to build the squareness of it not to compete with it. Neil Dawson’s hanging staircase in the Arts Centre seems to enhance and not compete with the courtyard.

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  1. This is a beautiful piece of artwork iconic of the city for all Christchurch people. Our square would not be the same without it. The comment on shops – you obviously have not ventured far enough out of the tourist center to see the wide variety of arty cafes and galleries. Have you not seen our very own arts center and art gallery? Even the buildings they lie in are works of art. True, pubs are scarce, but we have learned not to need them. We live modestly: none of the noisy drunks stumbling around at three in the afternoon for us. Neil Dawson is idolised in our society. Who are you to comment on our square? You saw it once in your lifetime, we come to see it every week. It fits perfectly in the square.

  2. Hi Harriet, I live here. I am commenting as someone who loves Christchurch and the Square. And someone who loves Neil Dawsons’s work. But I do have frustrations. The best cafes are outside the Square, because I think the Council over the years has allowed buildings there that do not help build the social space. The United Services hotel had shops under it, now there is a wall of glass.

  3. Could you please let me know what the cost of this image will be to be used in a website.
    Thanks, Linda

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