Pat Hanly 1932 – 2004

#466 Pat Hanly
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I went to the “Art of the Nation” at Te Papa and I had a good time. Loved the Hoteres, the Woollastons, one or two of the McCahons and Rembrandt’s etchings. God knows why these, they were ones that gripped me. The item on the cover of the booklet is a painting by Pat Hanly.

I was already in the middle of this sketch, as Hanly was in the Hotere video, they were mates it seems. He is one of the big names in New Zealand.

Links, images follow.

Conversation with Hamish Keith in Art New Zealand.

The image on the cover of the “Programme”:





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  1. Thanks Martha, funny how these things happen. I like what you like now. But do not “intend to do that” and clds not appreciate it. It did not look like I wanted it to look, but it grows on me for being what it is.

    I have been enjoying your sketches!

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