Eric Maisel interviewed on …in my spare time.

I have now read the interview with Eric Maisel on Jan’s …in my spare time another down-under blog, from Coff’s Harbour in NSW, Australia.

I was impressed by how many books Eric has put our & has on the go. Inspiring.

Another question for Eric emerges, same theme as I’m my last post… the eastern ideas of enlightenment, and the psychological ideas on positivity seem to go against the notion of the unconscious, Jung’s notion of embracing the shadow in particular. Eric, what do you make of that?

And another question: I am curious about how you learnt this stuff Eric. You almost seem to say, here are the answers I learned the hard way so you don’t have to. Do you think there is struggle can be bypassed?


Let me say how I enjoyed looking Jan’s blog. Creativity, books, GTD, coffee… we share a few interests. Jan is doing a series of paintings for each incantation in the Ten Zen Seconds book. Here is the first one, (I am) (completely stopping) Jan can I pinch that idea? One sketch per incantation, I’ll do it too! Look at this painting:

Painting by Jan


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  1. Yes, you can pinch my idea! It will be interesting to see your responses.
    And yes, Eric is a brilliant and hardworking author with a unique vision which I see as a kind of clarity of vision to see how things really are.

  2. Walter,

    I like what you are doing here! Last time I stopped by you were mainly showing your wonderful horse sketches. I’m enjoying the diversity and hearing your writing voice. I like how you’re integrating the material from the other blogs in NZ and Australia on the blogtour. Supportive and also expands the conversation.

    Janet Grace Riehl

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