#437 Bill
Larger Image.

Another in my series from the Kill Bill movie.

It seems fun to do images from movies, I was tempted to do some from “Taxi Driver” which I saw for the first time & quite enjoyed, but wanted to return to the Kill Bill series for sake of fullness & completion (loaded words I notice as I write this … as will be evident in a post still to come – see image #450)

As I post this, but days after I sketched this sketch, I am reading Matthew Collings “This is Modern Art”, an entry about Elizabeth Peyton. She paints images of “The Stars” she says:

I like people who are glamorous because they’re wilful & talented & they can make beautiful things. I think that is what gives them a very special beauty.”

In so far as I do “stars” both from the movies & artists (as does Elizabeth Peyton) there is some agreement with her, but for me it is more about “Truth” than beauty. By the time the image reaches Thousand Sketches it has been in the hands of all the people you see on the credits of the movie, it is a social collaboration, and then I take a picture, and then I select an image from the 100s I take, and then I sketch & delete & select again. I think this is a form of mythologising, of distilling, of searching for the archetypal.


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