I visited Papergraphica the gallery & Printmaking place that is just around the corner from where I live. They had beautiful stuff on the walls. They collaborate with artists!

Situated in Christchurch, New Zealand, PaperGraphica is a printmaking studio that specialises in fine lithographs, woodcuts and etchings.

Artists travel to the studio, generally staying for a week, and work with master printer Marian Maguire and her team on single images or suites of work.

Each printmaking medium has its own characteristics and it is the response the artist makes to their chosen medium that enlivens the work. All the images produced at PaperGraphica are limited edition original multiples. They are not copies of previously existing artworks, and both artist and printer work intimately with the process.

Some images follow.

The first one is by Nigel Buxton, the next Gretchen Albrecht



Gretchen Albrecht

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