“A Writer’s San Francisco” – Eric Maisel – author – Paul Madonna – illustrator.

I wrote a post while back about a book I read by Eric Maisel. Yesterday I received two more books written by Eric. A Writer’s San Francisco and Ten Zen Seconds

Let me talk about the first one. What a beautiful hard cover book. The production values really sine through. Click the Amazon link above & see great reviews, I agree with all those five ***** star ones.

Not that I have read all the essays yet but I love the link he makes with his Paris book. What makes Paris akin to San Francisco? Nothing except that there is attraction to the bohemian life. As it sais on the web blurb:

Every writer needs a simpatico environment to be productive, and what better place than that mecca of creativity, San Francisco?

It is a “Guided Journey for the Creative Soul” His focus is writing but I read sketching.

And like the Paris book there is the encouragement to bring forth.

If he is a writer he will write, whether atop Nob Hill or South of market.

This works for me, whether on my trip to San Francisco or right here now!


I like the sketches by Paul Madonna. Article about him with links to video.

Nice little image off his website:


I am really looking forward to reading the book, all part of an up coming visit by Eric to my blog. Yes! It is part of his world blog tour to promote Ten Zen Seconds.

Here are some images from his “all over coffee’ strip & book. I could not find any of the more colourful ones in this book.

Images that follow are Paul Madonna’s posted here for inspiration.





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