Hidden, and notes about process & digital sketching

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I have been reluctant to post these, scary.

I began the abstract sketches in the next bunch while exploring settings in Corel Painter X, so they come somewhat unbidden, yet I am more interested in what comes than the techniques I am using. I do learn, and will soon have a few more favourite “brushes” and “papers” and “media”. I want to honour what simply emerges.

Digital art can have such high production values, focussed on technique and rendering and illustration, especially of scifi & fantasy that the format has a look that Kate called stilted, that was the word I was looking for but found it hard to find as technique and skill are often high, and admirable. I’ll post up some explorations of digital art by others that I like, that’d be good!

For now here are my scratchy sketches. Sketches are a slight, light step to something else, their life is seen in the context of their journey.


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