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#404 Opera House
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A hot hazy day with little colour on the harbour or in the sky but the sails of the Opera house stood out. I love this building. I watched it being built in the ’60s, a real ’50s building, everything had fins & looked ‘futuristic’. On my last night in Sydney, before I moved to New Zealand, group of us hopped over the fence one moonlit night & climbed to the top of the main sail, A night to remember.


Alas, sketched three days ago! Too busy living life to sketch. I am getting further behind, but have plenty of inspiration. We had a good day on the beaches yesterday & today we are with a friend in the Blue Mountains. Stopped in Lane Cove national park on the way. lots of photos of bush, birds & lizards.


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5 Replies to “Opera House & travel notes”

  1. Man, your art makes me want to go out and buy a tablet pc today. Hey, I’d like to feature your little project over on my site tomorrow morning. Mind if I use one of your images to link back over to you?

  2. I just started to learn how to sketch, more focused on interior objects and exterior surroundings, I found it takes patient and times to get better. I really like yours, although I’m not familier with the tools you used, the simplicity of the opera house makes it standsout. I, sometimes, over does my sketches. It sure makes me want to visit the place =) ENJOY living in NZ, it’s a great place!

  3. I did a search for “bird” because I was dying to see a sketch of a bird or a parrot…your sketches of horses are fabulous…
    So here’s the word “birds” in the text above, but no fabulous feathered friends. I’m disappointed. (But I’ll recover.)

    If you have a moment, and I get the impression those are few and far between, stop by The Dragon (www.todaythedragonwins.blogspot.com) some time this week (March 26-30) to participate in the interview I’ve conducted with artist Megan Kissinger. You might enjoy some of her comments.

    There’s plenty of inspiration here in Southwest Florida, by the way, so if you get weirded out by the funnelweb spiders in Australia, we’ll give you a hearty welcome in the Southeast USA. 😉

    Sandy L.
    “Some days, I just want the dragon to win.”

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