Josh & some notes on our week long holiday in Sydney

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I am here in Australia on a holiday with Josh & Amy, so it makes sense that I have a sketch of Josh. From a photo I took on the plane over here.

What is out of sync is that I have a few horse sketches coming up. Also an Eli sketch. Did them late one night here in the tent. There is just not enough time in the day to live life & sketch. These horse ones were brewing in me & I had to get them out. I want to do more.

Yesterday ( Wednesday 21 March) we went to Sydney. Great day, we drove back to Manley form our campsite in Narrabeen and then caught the ferry. I took heaps of pictures & want to do cityscapes. Bridge Opera house & the Circular Quay skyline from the harbour… all scenes I love & that are part of me from my life here in the 50s & 60s and many visits since then.

Today, Thursday, we had a day by the beach, in the camp, & I went for a good walk. Great surfing. Pictures coming up… especially the local flowers & birds.


Keep life & sketching closer together. It would be nice to do sketches from the day, not from yesterday, or from weeks ago.

Part of that is that my M200 is not really as mobile as it should be. The screen is lousy outdoors, the batteries are a bit weak too. Internet access is hard… but here I am camping & I have wifi in the campground! And a powered site, so all is well.


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