All over the place

I have not posted sketches for a while. I have some stored up, not all that pleased with them, but I have been learning a lot. Learning to use Corel Painter X, it is quite hard but I love mastering little things one step at a time.

But that is not the main thing I am getting from this pause. I am looking at what I am doing.

I am all over the place.

On the one hand that is a challenge; get focussed, narrow down, build on what I have, sort, select and deepen themes.

On the other hand it is just right. I am all over the place. Not really a Kiwi, not really an Australian, not really Dutch. And I have just given up a psychological writing focus (that was a bit messy but needed attention) for this art project. Thousand Sketches is throwing everything I am doing into turmoil. On many levels I am all over the place. I am going all over the place too: Sydney, San Francisco, New York. That means there is congruity and authenticity and the project is working as a mirror. Just as it should.

Simply keep sketching. All over the place. No judgment, no criticism, just keep going. Don’t worry. Trust.

Diversity, eclecticism and surprises are OK.

Next step: Post up the doodles etc from the last week or two. Then I’ll write some more.

I also have some podcasts from Lenswork Publishing I want to link to, they have been quite inspiring.

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