Reflecting & reporting on my process

Let me reflect & report on the process of being here as I am one third of the way through the thousand.

Long post & a sketch follow.

I recall the formation phase, the bursting phase, then the Launch on November 2 stands out. Ups and downs with it all and enough to look back on to see various styles I had in me. All the way through I am hungry for learning, committed to the project, it has never waned, but just felt hard or easy good or bad. I have seen a lot of art videos, read a lot of books, looked at a lot of websites, talked to people about art. It has been great And it is.

Right now I am taking in I think. I am discovering forums on the web and seeing rivers of art flowing into oceans of displays, artists everywhere, flickr, blogs, websites, eBay and in large communities like WetCanvas. I had no idea!

At this point I have lost some of the freshness I had at the start where it was a delight to use the free version of ArtRage just to see what happened. Now I want to create specific effects & I have no idea how to do that in the apps I have, so I have been on a research trail. Not really doing it, just reading, trying software, asking questions. Had Photoshop CS3 beta for 2 days before the trial ran out, had other trials which expired ages ago. Have purchased Corel Painter IX.5 but it is still hard to use… I have been to Giacometti exhibition again, seeing his sketchy sketches, beautiful, but famous because he is famous. Hungry to take it all in. I have just bought a lovely book by Milton Glaser, Vitamin P has arrived from Amazon, I have just seen the Phaidon video of Pollock…

That’s details but it is painful to have such searching & passion & so little time. Back at work, which is going well & I live it, but it eats time. The Horse treks accounts have just swallowed a few days, and I have an overflowing IN basket.

This learning, intake phase might go on a bit yet. I will sketch it a bit. I am building up something though… poised.

Posting here one I did, it will come up in its own post later. Finding new ways in Painter & also just doodling about my full in basket.


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  1. This sketch is very interesting.

    It is hard at times. After all my years of painting I have some of the same feelings. At times, I’ll have a fruitful time and paint several paintings that come out as planned, other times nothing goes right and I’m not sure I know what I’m doing. I went to a convention for pastels a couple of years ago .. I was so happy to be a part of a large successful group of artists and at the same time I felt that there were so many great artists I could never come close. I guess we all have ups and downs. Gratefully, there seem to be more ups! I just keep doing what I enjoy and trying to learn every day.

    I enjoy seeing your work. You have a nice and expressive touch.


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