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This is from an image of Paula Rego from a video. I loved seeing her work & story in that film. What I learnt was that paintings could be very like a Psychodrama – with multiple time frames and scenes that deal with & resolve the past. Surplus reality as Moreno called it. Maybe that is on the agenda here, but then again the whole of Thousand Sketches is a Psychodrama – look at the previous post for example.

This portrait was consciously influenced by Alex Katz work, who I blogged recently. In the post about him are a lot of images – I have not looked at them since I made that post – there is something for me to learn from him.

I have also been inspired by Laura of LauraLines who is working on a project to do 101 faces.


This print is in a limited edition of 25 Giclée prints on A4, 21 cm x 29.7 cm archival paper. The image size is 17.5 cm x 12.5 cm. The next available print is: 1/25 Purchase Print


This post has my sketch above & what follows are 2 images I snapped from the video, and more from the net.

Inspiration – Paula Rego’s images follow.

As well as having one, she does great faces:

Here there are Psychodramas being enacted:

Two of Germaine Greer, by Paula Rego, 1995 pastel on paper laid on aluminium and a watercolour.

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  1. So interesting, both your work and hers. Thanks so much for mentioning my faces project. Sometimes it goes well and easily, other times, not so much. That’s the art life for you!

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