Alex Katz, b 1927 –

I got some feedback today: I hope it is ok that I quote it here, it was that my work was reminiscent of:

Hockney’s sketches, Milton Avery landscapes and Alex Katz figures.

This is the second time someone has said that re Hockney – and I have been studying him avidly since, all I knew of him was the swimming pool stuff, now I have a fuller grasp. More on him some other time.

I’ve never heard of the other two, and so I have been surfin’. I’ll make this a Katz post.

An enjoyable interview from 1991 in the Journal of Contemporary Art: Interview

Another here.

Selected Images

I can see the similarity with some of my figures – the most recent being sketch #241 – what shall I call that style, “bucket fill”? Katz will inspire me to develop that – particularly for portraits. I like the way he can get the tones right in faces. even though there is little shading.

Some of his flat surfaces are in oils and many seem to be silkscreens & lithographs. As I reflect on these media I wonder what I will do when I can get out of this digital crucible?

Oil – printmaking of various kinds – acrylic – pastel – charcoal ?

And a pile of Alex Katz images follow:



Ada 3 – 1980


Boy with branch 1975


Green 1990





Vincent 1982


Penobscot Morning 2000


White Hat 1979

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  1. did david hockney do a painting of alex katz setting in table chair by a table with a green table cloth on it and yellow drap hanging up gray back ground house chair set in the middle of the floor by its self painting date may be 1966 to 1976 some time aroud that time oil on canvas size small my name is james watson i live in arkansas near hot sping arkansas and little rock arkansas ( phone 870-692-7980 live in united states 1 shirley steet pine bluff arkansas zip code 71602

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