Loose Threads

#250 Loose Threads
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With this one all the recent abstract ones come together revealing something that wanted to be there – threads – I feel like right now I am at a stage of weaving.

Maybe I should weave flax – there may be truth in jest. I have been collecting flax and pressing flax so that I can add collage to prints.

There is the word: collage.

There will collages coming up.


What the thread theme means for me is tied in with the recapitulation idea… there was a war in Australia between the figurative Antipodeans and the Sydney 9

In 1961 a group called the “Sydney 9” had an exhibition of paintings to support abstract art, to counter the Antipodeans group, with members arriving with abstract paintings by helicopter.

I mention this as I just can’t take sides in that conflict, though my tendency is towards the Antipodean, I feel like I can weave these old threads into something new.

One day there might be something I feel strongly enough about to fly a helicopter for.

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