All art is conceptual art

Another idea that clarified in the podcast. The concept may not be conscious or articulated, but retrospectively it can be seen as something wanting to be born. Just as I can ask “what does this project want?” what is in it’s conception, we could ask that of anyone’s work. I am not thinking of each painting, but of the project… all those paintings of van Gogh spread around the world, and with a museum of their own… it is a sort of installation, institution.

I liked listening to Edward as this question led him from the lemon through the Zen brush strokes back to the lemon. It is all about a vitality in the stroke… it has either got it or it hasn’t.

The concept here in Thousand Sketches? Exploring the psyche in cyberspace – I found it very liberating to realise that a month or two back. What does it mean more specifically?

Some pointers in these words:

Variety – philogeny – evolution – recapitulation

Autobiography – unconscious


Global – local – national

Technology – medium – nature

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