Thousand Sketches & Signatures

#174 Thousand Sketches

Every Line tells a story.

And I did a lot of these to see how my line looked.

Great post by Duane Keiser on lines in his On Painting blog.


And there is something about sigs. I don’t usually sign the digital versions, because I sign the prints. Does not feel quite right to sign them twice! Yet the little pencil lines designed not to distract from the image don’t really suit me either. Sometimes I want to sign it there & then. Sometimes I want to put a big bold felt pen sig on the bottom of a print, but it would create a radical departure from the digital version. Do it anyway?

I think I will do both, sign the digital image & put a bolder sig on the Giclées, if it feels right.

I did that in # 169

What do other digital artists do?

I think the form is new enough to be fluid & I will experiment & discuss!

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