Top ten images in the world?

There are some images that are totally famous for ever. At the top of the list? It has to be the the Mona Lisa. What’s Next? Marilyn Monroe with her skirt blowing? The Scream? Vincent’s Sunflowers? Andy Warhol’s Soup-can or perhaps his Micky Mouse. Ansel Adams? Amazing stuff. What belongs on that list? What are the top ten most famous iconic and best loved images?

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Funnily enough I become fond of prints through exposure to them. I have some on the wall here at home that came from my family home & I love them. Perhaps those images became iconic in part because they are so famous, once the cycle starts can’t be stopped. There is a complex element of genius, innovation, drama, and timeliness that kicks off the cycle.

And I become more fond of the images I put up here over time, they become familiar if not better. But I’ll make another post about faves here.

Mona Lisa





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