Sugar & Shadow

I don’t have a batch of sketches – and I think I need to post the one or two I have. But the process is quite laborious and much the same for 1 as for 100.

I think I’ll leave the “Gallery” for later & just do a few blog posts.

So much gets in the way of simply doing sketches. No, even when I do them, and I have done a lot this week, so much gets in the way of of posting them up. Hmmm, one thing gets in the way: I don’t like them!

I will be posting some, and not others… and I am not going to judge here in public what I like & don’t like. There are some I do like, & there are plenty I simply won’t post.


I’d like more depth. Yet I love that donut!

I wonder what that means? A sweet trivial bad for you little fun thing like a donut is OK by me, yet I want more depth. There is a lot of depth in that donut! It is a good case of the medium being the muse… and now its asks the obvious question, is my saccharine unconscious having a part in it, wanting to avoid the shadows? Of course it does.

OK, coming up is “Flax in moonlight” so there is a bit of darkness there.


Where is the miracle? I think it is not something to find in sketch 1000, the gold at the end of the alchemical rainbow. It is here now, it is in the eye of the beholder. It is all in the the “warm up”.

It is in the allowing of whatever is in me to emerge. Can I do that?

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  1. Go outside and find a place where you can see your shadow. Put the big piece of paper on a driveway or sidewalk, or on a picnic table if there is one. Place rocks on the edges of the paper to prevent it from blowing away or moving.

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